Thursday, December 21, 2006

Let it snow...let it snow!

Looking outside, we have just a coating of snow as I type! I already salted the sidewalks and stuff around here, just waiting for the 3-5 inches so I can plow.

I always love plowing fresh snow!

Looks like a White Christmas is upon us!


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Nicole said...

Brag about it, why don't you? How's it going, Hal? Glad to see you're still blogging. I like to walk a moment in the shoes of Hal every now and then.

Tomorrow's the last day of school before break. I'm nearly half way through my first year already, and I still LOVE it - nearly every minute.

Have a GREAT holiday. We'll have to give you a ring. Say hi to Dori - you guys also need to come down to visit soon.

Ta-ta, Nicole :)