Thursday, December 21, 2006

More on Olson and his crony!

From Dump Mark Olson. Great work Avidor!

Was Rep. Mark Olson Aware of Gary Dean Zimmermann's Daily Marijuana Smoking?
From the Minneapolis Issues:

So it appears from the responses I've gotten (MANY back-channel) that Mr. Zimmerman's marijuana habit was in full force not only during his time as a Minneapolis city council person, but for the 20-25 years prior to that (I am not making an accusation, but merely summarizing the responses I have gotten). Nevertheless, if part of Mr. Zimmerman's sentence involves getting help for his addiction to bud, I think we can safely surmise that he had a problem with the smoke.

This is great. We absolutely get what we deserve. We deserve officials that accept bribes and ineffectual city government, if we're electing chronic dope smokers, which in Mr. Zimmerman's case appears to be the worst kept secret in city hall. So, in addition to taking bribes, this guy regularly utilized a substance that is illegal and contributes to crime and violence and the like. He participated in at worst, and tacitly endorsed at the very best, the very criminal element that is shooting each other all over this city. Thanks, Dean. Really great. Time to spend 2-1/2 years with some of the fellas you supported criminally for the last - years.

Mark Olson worked closely with Zimmermann promoting Zimmermann's bizarre PRT Plan for Minneapolis.

If Zimmermann's dope-smoking was "the worst kept secret at City Hall"... how could Rep. Mark Olson not be aware of it?

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