Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Mark Olson, Wonkette, and Max Weber

My sociology professors would be thrilled I can put Mark Olson and Max Weber in the same posting. Weber probably rolled over in his grave!

I know this has been posted at other places before, but since I love Wonkette so much...

Here goes!

Today’s violent Republican is Mark Olson of the Minnesota State House. And yes, there are fifty other guys named “Mark Olson” in the Minnesota State House, but this is the crazy-eyed one.

Showing typical midwestern politeness, he waited until after the elections to beat up on his wife, bruising her on Sunday and appearing in court this morning to not answer the charges. Olson refused to enter a plea, because he did it, but it would inappropriate to say as much.

Olson’s wife says he “pushed her to the ground three times,” while Olson admits only to “placing her to the ground.” As we said, they’re very polite up there.

Yes, we as posting this mostly for the crazy eyes.

And now for Olson and Bachmann together...

I've been on the sidelines for quite some time, watching the Mark Olson debacle and simply cannot hold back any longer. The movement to have Mark Olson removed from his legislative seat or for his resignation is growing. While I do not live in his district, I am rather close. I despise any politcal leader who hides behind excuses for their actions.

I recall the KARE 11 story when Olson was released from jail. He came out clutching his Bible and begged for forgiveness. The public can forgive him for this heinous act. But we cannot continue to be served by someone of this moral caliber.

Max Weber, in his work "Politics as a Vocation", described the rise of the nation state, its use of violence to achieve its goals and the leadership traits and values of poltical leaders. It was delivered in a speech in 1919!

"The honor of the political leader, of the leading statesman, however, lies precisely in an exclusive personal responsibility for what he does, a responsibility he cannot and must not reject or transfer. It is in the nature of officials of high moral standing to be poor politicians, and above all, in the political sense of the word, to be irresponsible politicians. In this sense, they are politicians of low moral standing, such as we unfortunately have had again and again in leading positions."

Buck up Olson, take responsibility for your actions. You failed once to do the honorable thing, not abuse your wife, allegedly...

Do not fail again. The next honorable thing to do is apologize for your actions and resign.

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