Tuesday, December 12, 2006

One last Olson tidbit for the night.

It's good to see Avidor over at the SC Times Story Chat. Archie and other Olson fanatics are running rampant in the chat room.

Here's a sample of the chaos...

Archie from Coon Rapids
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Comment Posted: 12/12/2006 2:45:46 PM
To GB Girl:
Then don't worry about the Olson case and let the law take care of it. Go out and drain the garden hoses before it freezes, or something positive, have you tried a job or volunteer work?. or how about judging a bake off contest or something like that where you can use your best trait, judging........................ Ha HA gotchya

Is Archie 10?

GBGirl from St. Cloud
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Comment Posted: 12/12/2006 2:53:17 PM
Arch: So you are saying that you feel it is ok to "place a woman on the ground" leaving bruises? That is what he admitted. That is fact. You are in support of actions such as those? I don't care if you feel I am judging him...I will never ever condone nor support behavior such as that. It saddens me that you would......
And I will worry about the Olson case...on behalf of all women that suffer at the hands of abuse. Sorry that my speaking out angers you, Arch, but I will always speak out against violence against women.
Hoses have been taken care of...yes I've worked...yes I've volunteered (something that "my kind" does a lot of)....I am not into eating baked goods, so doubt i'd be a good judge. Thanks for the suggestions, though Think that I will continue my day with speaking out against violence against women though. Sorry if that bothers you or your support of it.
BTW...I eagerly await an answer to my bolded question....but am anticipating more redirection in the form of insults towards me. Maybe you'll surprise me though.....ha ha gotcha

GBGirl from St. Cloud
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Comment Posted: 12/12/2006 3:25:33 PM
Arch: I didn't realize that Olsons wife put a child in the microwave? Oh my!!!!!!!!! That is awful! I also didn't see her featured on COPS...what episode was that? Are you insinuating that his wife beat him first? I hadn't heard that he was put to the ground (3x) or had any bruising...where did you formulate that opinion?
Abuse of women is a reality, Arch.
Your question, If anyone is trying to kick me or beat on my face I will place them on the roof or in a tree if necessary, WWGBD ?
Well, Arch...if it was a man that outweighs me, is taller than me, that is stronger than me...WWGBD? Probably end up very injured and in the hospital. That's tragic. Don't you think?

boatman from St. Cloud
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omment Posted: 12/12/2006 4:12:44 PM
If a wife beater pleads not quilty to beating his wife, and then is found guilty, does that make that individual a lying wife beater ?

nerdgirl1968 from SE Minnesota
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omment Posted: 12/12/2006 6:34:52 PM
When asked if he feels that it is OK to place someone on the ground and leave bruises, Archie had this to say, "If anyone is trying to kick me or beat on my face I will place them on the roof or in a tree if necessary,"
Archie, have you heard that she was physically attacking Mr. Olson at the time? Perhaps you have some insight or information that the rest of us don't have.
I certainly hope you do because otherwise you are actually giving Mr. Olson an excuse for his behavior that he isn't even claiming for himself. You are defending a probable abuser more vehemently than he is defending himself.
Archie, he admitted placing her on the floor, if there were extenuating circumstances, don't you think that he would have mentioned them?

GBGirl from St. Cloud
Number of Posts: 391
Comment Posted: 12/12/2006 8:51:15 PM
Clemke: She was the one with bruises...she was the one HE admitted to placing on the ground. I agree, men are abused too....but him stating he admired his wife's strength in speaking out...that he feels he's failed terribly with his family...etc.....I just dunno. Those aren't characteristic of a "Victim"...more of a man with a guilty conscience. JMHO. If facts or evidence come out, ie: he is bruised...he alleges in a pd report...etc...that he was victimized, then I will consider that as an option.

The pressure on Olson will continue to mount. The question of the day is why would the Representative push his wife to the ground repeatedly, and while leaving jail, praise his wife for the courage to report him and ask for her forgiveness and for God's as well.

If there were extenuating circumstances, I think the reaction would have been different.

I think Olson is concocting a story to get him out of trouble.

Let's keep the heat on! He asked for the media to continue to cover the case, let's hold them accountable to do that.

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