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Worst Politcal Persons in the State, 2006

From MnpACT!

#9 -- Tim Pawlenty: This is the GOP governor who said at his endorsing convention, "Now I know I may not be in some of your wildest dreams but I can tell you what your worst nightmare is," Pawlenty told delegates at his party's state convention. "It's one of the big spendin', tax raisin', abortion promotin', gay marriage embracin', more-welfare-without-accountability lovin', school-reform resistin', illegal-immigration supportin' Democrats for governor who think Hillary Clinton should be president of the United States." After all that chest thumpin' talk, the "new, I almost got beat" Pawlenty takes abortion and gay marriage off the table.... tax pledges are out; new budget priorities are in; health care spending is also in; education spending overrides reform; and illegal immigration measures will be shoved to the side to keep McCain happy. The only thing left on that diatribe that still operates is that he won't endorse Hillary Clinton for President......and that's only because he thinks he'll be on the GOP ticket against her. This guy takes 47% opportunism to new heights....

TPaw the moderate, pushing for the VP position in 08?

#7 -- Rep. Mark Olson: The only reason he isn't higher on the list is that we have no conviction...(yet)...on his domestic assault charge. The logical thing that would have made the most sense in this bizarre circumstance, would be for him to offer a resignation or, at the very least, take a leave of absence while all this shakes out. Rep. Olson apparently thinks he can weather the storm even when his Republican cohorts give him a no confidence vote. What will he call his caucus of one? The Lonely Guy Caucus?

I'd have rated him higher, conviction or not...but not ahead of...

#6 -- Michele Bachmann: Where do we begin? I know it is hard to believe that someone who has God's stamp of approval can be on this list, but I'm doing it anyway. Don't pity this "fool" for Christ. She is an armed and dangerous Christian soldier. She has devoted herself to be the last line of defense against "gay marriage" and for the 3 day Congressional work week. Michele plans to take the 110th Congress by storm. Anyone taking bets on how long it will take her to say something truly assinine? Anyone?

#6? I get it, but...only #6? I'd have had her in my top 2!

#4 -- Mary Kiffmeyer: Her quest for welding the Constitution and the Ten Commandments together has been temporarily derailed. Her defeat at the hands of Mark Ritchie was no fault of her own, of course, and the partisanship she always displayed was simply all in how you look at it. As she rants about how badly she has been treated, both by her predecessor and successor, you have to wonder how she will ever get a fair shake. But she is certainly looking ahead, as she has Michael Brodkorb tagging along to snakebite anybody who dares cross her. Maybe she should have been one of those tabloid journalists -- they take hyberbole like hers seriously.

She'd be in the lower top 10...but we post this, hoping she runs to replace Mark Olson.

#1 -- Michael Brodkorb: My 2006 worst person in Minnesota has redefined the Minnesota blog-o-sphere. Blogs used to be a genuine discussion of events and positions; they admittedly have slanted points of view, but that's usually not hidden from the reader-- they editorialize but don't pretend to be giving "hard" news....however, thanks to Brodkorb, blogs are rapidly becoming just another arm of political campaigns; operated by former campaign staffers and political hacks and working to influence or manipulate the mainstream media in any manner they can. It has gotten so out of hand, that Mary Kiffmeyer invites Brodkorb to a transition meeting with newly elected Mark Ritchie....for purposes only apparent to Kiffmeyer herself.... but we know Brodkorb's agenda is to simply "hatchet" another Democrat. To be fair, Brodkorb isn't the only one that has lowered the bar for political discourse. There are plenty on the left that are all too willing to take up the gauntlet. But Brodkorb envisions himself as some kind of "investigative" reporter.... with little or no regard for both sides of the issue and even less for factual content. He only looks for the negative... and only items that expose political "opponents". His news flashes are one-sided and distorted as much as possible. But given all that, Brodkorb might be simply ranting in obscurity if not for the local media's willing obsession to pick up the "negative" story, at the expense of examining issue content. Politics has been reduced to the lowest common denominator....thanks, partially, to Michael Brodkorb--- Minnesota's Worst Person in the State!

Since I am now in Vikings draft mode, MDE at #1 is a bust. His selection as Number 1 is a draft bust of Tony Mandarich proportions, Packer know what I mean!

My Top 10?

LOL, here we go!

10. Patty Wetterling. Ran a horrible campaign. Outraised her opponent significantly and could not carry a swing district in a strong Democratic year. I was so disappointed.
9. Matt Entenza. Sorry I had to put another DFLer up here, but his problems, which should have been fully vetted as a candidate, put the party at risk early in the election cycle. Then, lobbying with Conservative PAC's against DFLers for Law Enforcement? Come on Matt...
9. Mary Kiffmeyer...nuff said.
8. Michael Barrett. Had no plan, purely ran on immigration issues. His signs were outrageous. "Stop the Invasion!" Collin whiped him!
7. Bachmann supporters. Those that put Bachmann stickers on Wetterling and other DFL signs, as well as marched through the DFL contingent at some parades. Oh I wish they had tried to do that to me...
6. GOP Bloggers (MDE and his colleagues). The National Enquirer has more integrity.
5. Governor Pawlenty. Has never won a Statewide election with more than 50% 0f the vote. Has now become a moderate, advocating for many of the areas he gouged in 2003.
4. MCCL: Continuing your practice of flyering cars in Church parking lots the weekend prior to the election...stay classy MCCL.
3. Mark Olson. Search my blog if you have any questions.
2. Ron Carey. GOP Chair. His daily press releases coming after DFLer's for anything and everything really got old. Plus, he screwed the GOP over, had no plan

1. Michele Bachmann. She was divisive and to steal a Boschwitz line, "Embarassingly Conservative". Wonkette has high expectations for her...

There is my Top 10. Just like Fox, "Fair and Balanced"

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