Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Dean Zimmerman and Mark Olson

MDE has a post up about former Minneapolis City Council member Zimmerman's interactions with the DFL. It has been reported in the comments section of a blog that Zimmerman attended at DFL Progressive Caucus meeting last week.

Not really any evidence though.

On Representative Mark Olson's wiki page, we have visual evidence of Olson's dealings with Zimmerman.

Olson with Zimmerman, discussing "personal rapid transit".

Zimmerman is a staunch Green, hates both the GOP and the DFL, but seems to like Olson.

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Avidor said...

When Olson returns to the Legislature next session, I hope reporters ask him if he plans to invite Zimmermann to testify about PRT at the Capitol...

Listen to audio of Zimmermann testifying before Olson's committee March 9, 2005 HERE.

Zimmermann doesn't have to report to prison camp until the end of January.