Saturday, January 06, 2007

Another smoking ban letter

It seems smoking ban letters are filling the in box over there at the SC Times.

This one takes exception to smokers always being catered to by business.

Story chat is at it again as well.

This comment though, hit a nerve.

Joan from Oak Park Comment Posted: 1/6/2007 2:15:02 AM

Smokers have all the rights? LMAO!!!

smokers have the right to pay extra high taxes based merely on the fact that they smoke.

smokers have the right to be segregated away from others and discriminated against merely based on the fact that they smoke.

smokers have the right to be continually told that they are somehow murderers and somehow less than human because people CHOOSE to be around them.

smokers have the right to continually be bashed in all forms of media for having a legal habit.

smokers have the right to be made out like they are worse than drunk drivers, meth heads, or almost any other worse crime there is because we smoke.

I could probably list more but it's late.

Pay more in taxes? It's your choice! Stop smoking, stop paying cancer stick taxes.

The segregation comment bugged me! Comparing smoking, a choice, to what African American's went through in this nation, having to use a different water fountain and such, is ludicris. No one is discriminating against you. Smoking is your choice. I did not choose the color of my skin.

I dont know anyone that has called a smoker a murderer.

I could go on as well...but I need to get on the road...

The ban is coming and its the right thing to do.

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