Saturday, January 06, 2007

Husky Hockey (Updated)

Off to see the #5 ranked St Cloud State University Husky hockey team play Alaska Anchorage, at the National Concrete Center in St Cloud.

It's my first SCSU game of the year, a rarity for me to miss so many games, and it will be a good time. It's going to be Dori's second college hockey game, after seeing UND and Wisconsin in Grand Forks, and the atmosphere will be 180 degrees different. Dori's sister Mandy is joining to frey as well...

Off we go and GO Huskies!

(Update) Huskies won 4-2. They were a bit sluggish in the 1st period but with an All American Goaltender and the top freshman class in college hockey, we pulled through to continue to long unbeaten streak.

Good times were had!

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Nolan said...

It's no Beaver game but have a good time. Who hates Huntsville?...