Friday, January 19, 2007

Anti Choice LTE in SC Times

Wanna bet she voted for Bachmann?

More women harmed by abortion are speaking out against it. Evidence of the
harmful effects is increasing.

Where's the data supporting your argument? Please show us...

Stem-cell research that cannibalizes human embryos — little persons by
nature, though not yet by function — has ethical and much more successful
alternatives, such as the use of adult stem cells and those from the fluid that
surrounds the embryo.

How many hundreds of thousands of embryo's would be destroyed without being used in research on diabetes and other illnesses and diseases?

The LTE also makes references to slavery and freeing of the slaves and attempts to connect it with reporductive rights. Wow, it's nice that every time the religious right decides to make a point, it now includes references to slavery at every junction.

Story chat has some gems though...

Al from Sartell
We support a human life amendment to the Constitution and we endorse
legislation that the 14th Amendment’s protections apply to unborn children.
Republican Platform adopted at GOP National Convention Aug 12, 2000

With a majority in the House and the Senate, and control of the White House, why
didn't anything happen? Why the empty promise?

Dr. Bad from MN!
what were the results of that vote in south dakota
Forget about SD. How did that republican majority in congress with a republican president for the past 6 years work out for the pro-life crowd ?

GBGirl from St. Cloud
I, personally, would not have an abortion. This letter is very good at the use of selective words to demonize those that are in support of pro-choice as opposed to TRULY addressing the issues. It is a simplistic mindset to say "no abortion...abortion kills". For some, they aren't aware of how to prevent unwanted pregnancies or of other options. Instead of just stomping moralistic feet, maybe try to encourage and support education on sexual education and an advocate and speak out for alternatives to systems that support women who may be alone and scared in going through this very personal experience.

It is my experience that those that stomp their feet and yell "Murder"....are also those to cast the first moralistic judgements towards those who get pregnant young and/or out of wedlock. Those that yell "murder"...are also those that are against education on responsible sex. Those that yell "murder"....are those that frown and ridicule government support ("hand outs"....etc). So for those that fit into these descriptions...let me ask you this....How are you an advocate for life, truly? You judge those that become pregnant demeen those that would maybe need government assistance, as lazy, irresponsible, are against prevention through education....why would someone come to you for help, or have any faith in what you have to say?

beebee from SCSU
AMCK: since constitutional rights are reserved for all persons born,
fetuses do not have individual liberties.

And there is more. I do think it brings forth the great question. If these specific repoductive rights are so important to the GOP platform, then why did they not act for all the years they were in power?

It's a wedge issue. An issue meant to get their voters to the polls and create divide amongst the electorate.

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