Saturday, January 20, 2007

More SC Times criticism of Bachmann

I know, some of you astute and loyal readers note that this may be headed towards being Dump Bachmann-lite, but the Congresswoman's follies need recognition across SD 18 and CD 6.

The SC Times had another LTE expressing disappointment in the Congresswoman's work in DC thus far.

Rep. Michele Bachmann has already voted against the proposed increase in the minimum wage and against allowing the government to negotiate with the drug
companies for lower prices.

She had two opportunities but failed to show support of her middle-class and low-income constituents.

The LTE writer hails from Buffalo! Perhaps the Congresswoman will remind Mark Kennedy to take down his sign at his former Congressional office at the corner of HWY 55 and HWY 25 in Buffalo, because it's still up. Photo to be posted later.

As per usual, Story Chat is abuzz with Bachmann defenders today.

count from countyline
Where were you people in October? Shouldn't you have been pointing out where Bachmann was wrong in her views? What? you did point that out over and over and over---day after day after day after day?

And still Patty Wetterling only got 42%? (too bad there wasn't a scandal right before the election" What? there was? (and it was pointed out day after day after day after day after day)

Find a candidate who can capitalize on the opponents picking the weakest candidate, Bush's low approval record, a scandal right before the election.
Patty Wetterling ,by getting only 42% with every situation in her favor,PROVED she is not the one.
Did anybody consider that maybe the voters who voted for Michelle Bachmann -----did read your posts day after day after day--------but voted for Bachmann because they did not like the alternative====Patty Wetterling.

Had to post that one.

It also provoked some good discussion on the minimum wage debate.

Benway from Sauk Rapids
Anyone who cannot afford to pay their employees the
new minimum wage in this year 2007 probably doesn't deserve to be in business in
the first place. The current wage is nothing less than exploitation of
low-skilled workers; another fatwa-crazy scheme against the lower class hatched
by capitalists in order to serve only THEIR OWN interests at the expense of the
employee and society as a whole. Much the same arguement can be made of those
who employ only illegal immigrant labor to do their bidding.
Those who
scream and moan about the increase in the minimum wage should try and exist on
the current minimum wage for 3 months---and see how they like it. Work a full
day, mate, and after taxes walk away with 35 bucks. Good luck with that.

Cloudresident4life from St. Cloud State Campus

The wage floor needed the increase. The simplistic supply and demand models of humans labor being used as a comodity does not take into account turnovers costs,
unemployment insurance, etc.

Many people and their families will see feel the increased wage of the low income as it is obviously not just people making the minimum wage that will see this increase. Everyone from the 5.15 - 7.25 an hour range will receive the benefits from the increased wage.
From: The Economic Policy Institute
If the minimum wage were increased nationally to $7.25:

  • 14.9 million workers would receive a raise,o 80% of those affected are adults age 20 or over, and 7.3 million children would see their parents income rise.
  • Families with affected workers rely on those workers for over half of their earnings.
  • 46% of all families with affected workers rely solely on the earnings from those
  • Some minimum wage workers remain in low-wage jobs for substantial
  • The best recent research on the economic impact of the minimum wage
    shows positive effects without job loss.
  • Even the research that suggests a negative labor market effect shows only a minimal impact that is more than offset by the higher wage levels.
  • The states that have adopted higher-than-federal minimum wages have seen low-wage workers’ incomes rise with no negative side-effects.
  • Over 650 economists, including five Nobel Prize winners and six past presidents of the American Economics Association, recently signed a statement stating that federal and state minimum wage increases “can significantly improve the lives of low-income workers and their families, without the adverse effects that critics have claimed” (EPI 2006).

Clearly Congresswoman Bachmann is out of touch with your average CD 6 voter and has drifted to the extremes, post election.

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