Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Anti-Ellison LTE in the SC Times

Wow, the racism in the letter hits hard. Congressman Ellison cannot be trusted because he is a Muslim?

My wife asked in a Jan. 7 Your Turn if Minnesota voters could really trust U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison because he is a Muslim.
I say "no" after reading the Jan. 10 news report that says Ellison wants immediate troop pullout from Iraq. Ellison also wants to see a ban on racial profiling.

Yet, Mr. Singer fails to question his own member of Congress, Michele Bachmann.

Thus far, Michele Bachmann has...

Voted against pay as you go rules.

Voted against "pork" reforms.

Voted against implementing 9-11 commission report recomendations.

Voted against a minimum wage increase.

Voted against funding of stem cell research.

Lied on her Congressional Bio, fixed it after the blogosphere pointed it out.

Listed the 7th CD as her home district, not the 6th CD.

Devout pro-lifer who supports the President sending more young men and women to their death in Iraq.

I think the question at hand ought to be whether or not you can trust Michele Bachmann?

Based on her prolific first weeks in Congress, and her disdain for advocating for her constituents vis a vis being the President's lap dog (taking Mark Kennedy's spot), I say no.

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