Monday, January 15, 2007

Spending on the war

Wonkette had a good post about how the cost of the war in Iraq had nearly eclipsed the spending for the Vietnam and Korean War's, adjusted for inflation of course.

Korean War $690 Billion
Vietnam $650 Billion
Iraq / Afghanistan $600 Billion

According to the Congressional Resource Service and as quoted in the Jan 11, 2006 Pioneer Press, the US spent:

$32.6 Billion in FY 01-02, including $2.5 Billion on Iraq before the 2003 invasion. That raises some curiosities with me!

We spent $2.5 Billion in FY 01-02 for a war in Iraq before it happened? What?

$75.5 Billion in FY 03

$96.3 Billion in FY 04

$107.5 Billion in FY 05

$122.2 Billion in FY 06

With $70 Billion already approved for FY 07.

What could we have done as a nation with more than half a trillion dollars?

While this is what has been spent on the war in Iraq, the true cost of this war is in the 3000 families that have lost a father, son, daughter, uncle or friend.

$750 million paid in Soliders life insurance benefits alone...

A travesty...

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