Thursday, January 11, 2007

Federal Tax Compliance

Today, the Minnesota House is debating a measure that would put Minnesota into compliance with Federal Tax laws, mostly around income taxes.

The House suspended the rules previously to take this matter into consideration and must pass it before electronic filing goes into effect tomorrow.

It's been interesting seeing all of the Minnesota Republicans attempt to attach multiple tax cuts and tax amendments to the Federal compliance provisions without having these amendments coming through any committee.

Rep. Olson raised some of the best points in debate. Going at former Speaker Steve Swiggum on both the revelance of the amendments and the precedence it could set.

Rhetoic aside, some of these provisions will come back up in later Tax Committee meetings. The GOP took the stage today and simply held up the work of the people.

One good thing though...

With all the changes to the House vote board, I have now trained myself once again as to where to spot Urdahl and Shimanski voting!

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