Monday, January 08, 2007

Justice not served

While it's clear that Saddam Hussein should have been executed if found guilty of the genocide and ruthless nature with which he ruled Iraq, hearing a news headline that the Iraqi courts have dropped all charges against Saddam, in regards to the Kurdish genocide.

Saddam could have been tried in absentia, tried after his death.

"The trial will be more elastic and easy. It will clarify and expose more facts because Saddam Hussein's disappearance from dock will encourage other defendants to mention some facts that they were afraid to divulge when he was with them," said Tariq Harb, an Iraqi lawyer and legal expert.

Regardless of this statement, the Kani Xulam's of the world will never see full justice as the man who allegedly ordered the attacks on the Kurdish population during the Anfal campaign, was executed before the most henious charges were vetted.

Justice was not served...

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