Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A liberal media bias

Reading the Pioneer Press last night, I witnessed the liberal media bias firsthand!

Tim Pawlenty is the greatest Minnesota liberal since Paul Wellstone.

Despite a bad back, Paul Wellstone had one hell of a backbone...can't say the same about Pawlenty.

Well, that didn't take long. The new Democratic-controlled Minnesota Senate during the first week of the session introduced bills to increase sales tax by 3/8ths percent (about a 5 percent increase), increase the gas tax by 10 cents a gallon, increase vehicle registration fees by as much as $100, allow counties to impose wheelage taxes of up to $20 per vehicle, and allow metro counties to impose a new half-percent sales tax (about a 7.7 percent increase).
In light of the projected budget surplus, why the rush to increase taxes?

What is on their agenda next, income taxes?

I can understand the gas tax increase but do not support any other tax increases.

Thank you, DFL. Your tax-and-spend policies have now become public. On the first day of the legislative session you announced a multitude of tax increases. During the campaign they were covered up by you and your allies in the media.
Thank you, DFL, for finally announcing to all that you are tax-and-spend liberals.

Don't be surprised to find real Republicans next year working with you to remove these RINOs from office while we do some housecleaning in our own party.

The state of Minnesota has a huge surplus. The Democrats are talking about raising taxes. Is anyone surprised? Boy, we sure showed 'em, by staying home on Election Day.

The vast majority of letters were ripping DFL'ers...

Liberal media bias heh?

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