Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Of course she does...

The SC Times reports that Congresswoman Bachmann is supporting a "surge" in troop deployments in Iraq.

“Increased troop presence is justifiable if that measure would bring a swift conclusion to a difficult conflict,” she said, “and if it would mean dealing a paralyzing blow to terrorist actions against Americans.”

That's two significant IF's in Bachmann's statement.

I sadly report that Congresswoman Bachmann mirrors ex-Congressman and CPA Mark Kennedy. Both were puppets for the Bush Adminstration.

Senator Norm Coleman opposes increased troop deployments.

Sen. Norm Coleman, R-Minn said: "I will stand against any plan to increase the number of troops in Iraq."

Bachmann, in her first week now in Congress, voted against fiscal responsibility by opposing "pay as you go rules" and assigning sponsors to "pork" legislation.

Now, as most American's have had enough of the war in Iraq, our President, Mr. 3000, is sending more American's into harms way.

Bush's policy in Iraq has failed. Adding more troops to this situation will simply exasserbate the problem in Iraq.

Bachmann on the otherhand, has had a horrible first week representing the interests of CD 6. We could start by her website gaffs...

1. Listing the 7th CD as her district and not the 6th. How does that happen?
2. Lying in her Congressional biography. What is she hiding?
3. Voting against fiscally responsible measures such as "Pay as You Go" and "Pork" reforms.
4. Supporting more troop deployments to Iraq.

With a first week like that...what can we expect tomorrow?

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