Friday, January 12, 2007

McLeod West schools to consolidate

Most of us saw this coming after the recent referendum failed. The Brownton Stewart Bulletin follows the story.

Deconsolidation talk is interesting.

"ISD 2887 does not look like nor does it act like a consolidated district,"
Husfeldt said in her remarks. "One former school district wants to work
together, and one former school district does not...I say maybe it's time to
approach the 2007 legislative offices to begin the process of deconsolidation.
Wouldn't that put us on the map? We could be the first school district test case
of a partnership that has gone totally in the dumper."

When will our elected leaders stand up and take action? I heard a lot of rhetoric last election cycle about education from those that won. What will Senator Dille, Rep's Shimanski and Urdahl do? Urdahl has education connections and the background to do something. Shimanski is a private schooling advocate.

Time will tell, but it's running out.

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