Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Minnesota Response to "Surge"

Bluestem Prairie has a great post up about Congresman Walz' reaction to President Bush's speech last night.

A couple of my favorites though...

“He’s been wrong at every turn. We’ve been told this so many times, it’s
gone in circles. We were told this was going to last weeks, we were told the
mission was accomplished and we were told back in 2004 that 300,000 Iraqi
soldiers were ready to go,” Walz said.

"No one has been wrong more times than this administration when it comes to Iraq.... We were given no benchmarks for success. We were just told if we wanted to see success, we have to just trust him on this one. (But) he's been wrong at every turn."

Exactly. Our President has failed at every twist and turn in this Civil War in Iraq.

General Abazaid stated that he has met with every division commander, asking them if bringing in more troops would ensure a greater success in Iraq.

Each of them responded no.

Oppose Bush's war and it's simple.

You get fired.

Unfortunately, 21,500 more of our nation's finest do not have the same opportunity General's Abazaid and Casey had. Oppose the war and get fired.

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