Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Monticello Times calls for a smoking ban

The Monticello Times has published an editorial calling for a statewide smoking ban, joining a long list of cities and counties that are moving towards a ban.

Secondhand smoke, also referred to as environmental tobacco smoke, is a
complex mixture of chemicals from smoke exhaled by a smoker and from a lit
tobacco product (cigarette, cigar, or pipe). Secondhand smoke contains thousands
of chemicals, including more than 50 known cancer-causing agents and 200 known

They cite a Minnesota Department of Health survey. Amongst other interesting findings...

The survey also found that restrictions in public places has helped an
estimated 310,000 adult Minnesotans to reduce their smoking.

Emmer may in fact be right. The train has left the station, not sure that there is much anyone can do to stop it now.

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