Wednesday, January 03, 2007

MInnesota's new Congressional delegation

The Strib covers Minnesota's newest members of Congress.

Ellison has recieved a lot of attention, based on the neo-con's blowing a fuse over his religion.

His entrance is much different than Bachmann's.

That stands in contrast to Republican Michele Bachmann, an evangelical Christian who told a church group during the campaign that God called her to run for Congress. Her remark barely registered a blip on Capitol Hill, where she has vowed to cut taxes and fight for "life, marriage and family life."

Bachmann has been noticably quiet as she is once again in the minority party. We are all hoping for a flame out though in the first 100 hours as the Democratic agenda moves forward.

The best of the new Minnesota delegation is Congressman Tim Walz. He has avoided being labeled with the Blue Dog Democrats, a moderate group of Democrats, but still embraces a populist, people centered agenda. Walz will be a sponsor on the minimum wage increase bill.

As these members are sworn in this coming Thursday, it will be fun to see populist progressives making waves in Washington once again. Senator Klobuchar and Congressmen Ellsion and Walz were the cure for what's ailing National politics.

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