Sunday, January 28, 2007

More on the DC School admin situation

As you astute readers recall, last week I highlighted a piece in the Enterprise Dispatch about the amount of money spent on administrators at the school.

I am quite certain that it went over like a brick with some, hence Lynda and the ED came out with another piece on the situation, this time, comparing with more schools.

Surely some want the school district to be weighed against schools of equal size. The new story does that, although I also believe that the original story had significant merit. In reality, every school district in the state is unique. Enrollment figures, contracts, building age, and property taxes all play out differently across the state.

However, you can draw good conclusions based on the information presented. Personally, I cannot grasp the fact that $896,000 a year is spent on admins in the district, when it looks like another $300,000 will need to be cut.

Regardless of what side of the issue you sit on, people resoundingly see the greater number of admins in the district as unnecessary spending, especially in a time where the rural school budgets are tight.

As of now, I will be at the event later tonight at the DC Performing Arts Center, 7-9pm. I'd like to hear what's really on the minds of people and see if any of our fearless elected leaders show up with a solution from St Paul.

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