Monday, January 29, 2007

Progress at the Capitol: Senator Dille

Here are the bills that Senator Dille has either been the Chief Author of or Co-Sponsored.

SF0347 Rest Adoption birth records access modifications
SF0346 Dille PAVE certificate recognition; human drug veterinary use; equine teeth floating services;University of Minnesota specialty practitioner
SF0345 Murphy Medical use of marijuana
SF0320 Murphy Port development assistance program appropriation
SF0284 Kubly Rural Minnesota Catch-Up Credit
SF0264 Rummel Yard waste containers composting requirement
SF0238 Sheran Freedom to Breathe Act of 2007
SF0227 Vickerman Rural finance authority loan programs participation bond issue and appropriation
SF0216 Vickerman Soil and water conservation districts general service grants appropriation SF0148 Marty Mental health provisions modifications
SF0122 Carlson Motor vehicle operators child restraint systems use requirement expansion SF0120 Hann Veterans memorial grant program establishment and appropriation
SF0115 Dille Canoe route designation for Crow river
SF0098 Dille Winsted city hall, community center and police station construction bond issue SF0093 Dille Luce Line trail paving bond issue and appropriation
SF0090 Wergin Income and franchise tax credit for dairy operations lineinvestment
SF0087 Fischbach Farming definition expansion to spring water bottling
SF0086 Fischbach Independent school district #463, Eden Valley-Watkins; environmental hazard remediation cost recovery grant appropriation
SF0076 Vickerman Income and franchise tax credit for dairy operations investment
SF0075 Koering MinnesotaCare program gross individual or gross family income definition modification for self employed farmers
SF0055 Dille Meeker county nursing facilities medical assistance operating costs reimbursement geographic group reassignment
SF0035 Kubly Sales and use tax exemption for grain bins and fencing materials
SF0032 Kubly Veterans preference use by parent of disabled veteran
SF0015 Prettner Solon Children's Health Security Act

So far, he has authored 5 bills and co sponsored 19. Most of the bills he has sponsored thus far are pretty self explanatory.

Note that Dille is a co-sponosor on the Freedom to Breathe Act as well as the Medicinal Use of Marijuana.

Why didn't Dille offer the legislation for the EV-W school district? Why did a Senator outside of SD 18 offer it?

On a side note, doesn't the school have insurance to cover stuff like that?

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