Monday, January 29, 2007

Progress at the Capitol: Rep Shimanski

These are the bills sponsored or co-sponsored by Rep Shimanski. So far, two authored and 17 co sponsored. Looks like he is carrying Dille's Senate Bills in the House.

HF0347 Gardner Yard waste bags required to be compostable.
HF0276 Otremba MinnesotaCare self-employed farmers income definition modified.
HF0231 Moe Greater Minnesota Business Development Investment Fund established, and money appropriated.
HF0216 Paulsen Initiative and referendum provided, procedures and penalties specified, and constitutional amendment proposed.
HF0198 Hackbarth Outdoor walk-in access program established to voluntarily make available privately held land for hunting and fishing.
HF0192 Urdahl Meeker County nursing facilities placed in geographic group II.
HF0187 Brod Estate tax federal exemption amount conformity provided.
HF0165 Peppin State funds prohibited for use in early termination of a contract of any person who reports to the University of Minnesota director of athletics.
HF0142 Wardlow Property tax refund household income definition modified to exempt the amount of any military disability pay received by a veteran from the federal government.
HF0102 Shimanski Winsted authorized to issue bonds for acquisition of a city hall, community center, and police station.
HF0101 Demmer Agricultural land excluded from the tax base for school bonded debt levies.
HF0100 Demmer Farm enhancement loan program established, and money appropriated.
HF0099 Erickson Tax conformity provided for tax year 2006 to the federal teacher expense deduction, tuition subtraction, and other provisions of the Tax Relief and Health Care Act, Heroes Earned Retirement Opportunity Ace, and Pension Protection Plan.
HF0076 Shimanski Crow River South Fork canoe route designated.
HF0064 Urdahl Dairy and livestock investment income and corporate franchise credit provided for qualifying investments.
HF0062 Brod Income tax rates reduced.
HF0060 Brod Income tax rates reduced.
HF0052 Urdahl Dairy operations income and corporate franchise tax provided for qualifying investments in dairy operations.
HF0032 HackbarthOutdoor walk-in access program established to voluntarily make available privately held land for hunting and fishing.

Beyond the support of tax cuts, the other remarkable piece of legislation Shimanski supports revolves around the situation at the University of MN and it's firing of coaches.

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