Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Question for Congressman Kline

In the Pioneer Press, Congressman John Kline, in reference to the proposed "surge", states,

That's a decision for the troops on the ground, their commanding officers and the commander in chief. The last thing our country needs is 535 members of Congress that include numerous presidential aspirants micromanaging troop levels in Iraq or anywhere else.

In order to micromanage a situation, doesn't a situation already have to be managed?

Republicans and the President have botched plan after plan for Iraq. Now that Democrats are in power, he wants to shield the military from micromanagment?

How did we get to this point Congressman Kline? What happened to General Shinseki's request for troops? It fell upon deaf ears and tremendous ego's at that time.

What is your solution for Iraq Congressman Kline? We are anxiously awaiting it.

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