Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What does Minnesota's Congressional Delegation think about a troop "surge"?

From the Pioneer Press.

Senator Coleman

At this point, I would not support a significant increase in troops in Iraq. After meeting with our generals on the ground, I feel a troop surge would only create more targets for the insurgents, with little lasting impact on Iraqi security. The Iraqis need to settle their political differences.

Congressman Ramstad

I agree with the Joint Chiefs of Staff and generals Abizaid, Casey and Colin Powell that a U.S. troop surge, not limited to training Iraqi troops, would be counterproductive and would perpetuate dependency by Iraqi forces, increase resistance by the Iraqi people, create more targets and stretch our military too thin.

Democrats are united on the issue.

Bachmann and Kline support more troops.

I understand Kline's comments about micromanagment of the Iraq situation. I always hated officers micromanaging the business of Sergeants in the Army.

Soon enough, we will learn the fate of 20,000 more of America's finest. I do not support a troop increase. Our military is already stretched to its capaciity. Former collegagues of mine have travelled to Iraq now 3 times. Some have barely escaped wounds, some have died.

That's the hard reality that Kline may understand, and Bachmann remains clueless.

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