Thursday, January 25, 2007

Smoking ban LTE

The LTE does not support the smoking ban. Beyond the ridiculous abortion and smoking reference, there is a point I have overlooked and would like to highlight this point the writer made.

One other money issue related to Kevin Johnson pointing out Rep. Tom Emmer's campaign funding. Did you know that the Indian casinos give more money to the DFL party than any other organization in Minnesota? If the DFL controlled State House and Senate passes a smoking ban, the Indian casinos would be exempt.

First off, I think the comment is a bit askew. Saying that the casinos give more money to the DFL than any other organization is misleading. They give more money to the DFL than the GOP may be a better statement, although, all the GOP candidates in SD 18 got money from the Indian casino's, including my opponent who got $1500.

The point I find interesting though, and what merit's discussion is the fact that Indian casino's will be expempt from the ban. If that is true, and imagine that it actually is, Emmer has a great point. These casino's will become even more profitable, not that I am opposed to Indian casino's and all....

Perhaps some non-smoking state owned casino's are on the horizon?

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