Thursday, January 25, 2007

More excellent work by mnpACT!

While many of us were yucking it up over the Bachmann kiss, at least one blogger was "covering our 6" since Bachmann talks of supporting the troops, but provides little evidence of actually doing such.

Christopher Truscott from mnpACT! Progressive has a great post on a Bachmann floor speech on supporting our troops.

While she talks about "ensuring stability in the Middle East," Bachmann is really playing a game of follow the leader – or the president, in the absence of a true leader for the dwindling number of Americans who support the current course of action in Iraq.

Maybe her blind support of Bush's Iraq policy is part of her plan to give him a little encouragement – as she claims the kiss was – but Bachmann needs to accept reality and move on.

Congresswoman, even if you agree with everything the president says he will not take you to the prom.


In a time where almost 2/3 of all American's do not support the direction President Bush is taking this nation and the civil war in Iraq, the last thing we need is a cheerleader who kisses the President because he needs more support.

We need strong leaders who will do the right thing, despite enormous political pressure to maintain the status quo.

Thus far, status quo is the mantra of Congresswoman Bachmann.

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