Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Those damn Timberwolves

I used to go to a lot of games at Target Center. I had a season tix package with the boys for several years and good times were had.

I am stoked to see that the Randy Wittman era has started off along the same footing as the Dwayne Casey stamina, losing in the 4th or overtime.

Nothing against Randy Wittman, other than he failed miserably as a coach in Cleveland...which led to the LeBron James era...hmmmm

Casey did not deserve to go out the way he did.

Kevin McHale has killed this team. He is as inept a leader or manager as anyone in the league. He may well be the Matt Millen of the NBA. Rumor has it, Millen and McHale have a mean game of internet chess going on, it's been on going for years now...since neither of them can make a move to seal the deal.

Seriously, how does this guy have a job? I will not go to a Timberwolves game until McHale is gone. I know Glen Taylor won't miss my hundred, but I'm done.

Who fires a coach midway in a season when you are the 8th seed in the playoffs? What were his expectations? He was on pace for a 8-9 win improvement over last year.

Casey did not trade Wally and a number one pick for Blount and garbage. McHale did.

Casey did not sign Mike James to lead this team into the ground as its point guard, McHale did.

I could go on and on and on...

McHale needs to be fired...bottomline.

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