Wednesday, January 24, 2007

That's our Congresswoman!

So, my third attempt at posting today...

Congresswoman Bachmann grabbed the President last night and headlines today, as well as lit the blogosphere on fire. The State of the Union address was marred by the Bachmann attack on our fearless leader, Mr. 3000.

I wonder if Michele purchased his tie for him?

Wonkette was nutz earlier today, running three stories on her.

First, they expressed disappointment in KSTP that the video got pulled.

The comments are wonderful. It truly was a grand day for liberal bloggers, and a crappy one for the 6th CD here in MN.

He signed her an autograph, she still held on. He tried to ditch her and kiss some other congresswoman, and she still held on. In fact, she held on even tighter.
She finally got her hug and kiss, after the President realized that if he didn’t acquiesce, she would probably slip him a roofie and drag him into a committee room somewhere.

"I'm your number one fan!," she shrieked before thrusting her sketchbook in front of the president, but not for him to sign. In fact, there was no room for his signature on a page where the Congresswoman had been carefully practicing "Michelle Bachman Bush" and "Mrs. George W. Bush" in a loopy, childish hand.


Part deux... More quality comments!

I wish she was wearing a beret.

Were GWB's Secret Service agents doing speedballs in the cloakroom when this happened? Michelle should not have been allowed to lustily paw the Prez without a subsequent throwdown and a major choke hold. Squeaky wouldn't have been permitted to get away with this crap. Or Foley.

We haven't seen embraces like that since the Foley day's in the really not that long ago.

And lastly, posted after I went to the cities...

Ewwww, Bush has old-man chicken skin at the back of his neck, and I swear to God Bachmann is giving him the tounge in that photo. It's like making out with the collection-plate guy at my parent's church!

Condi is so going to bitch slap this little hussy in the parking lot one day real soon. You just wait and see.

Definately take a few minutes and check out all the comments. Wow...I have not laughed this hard for a long time, and wanted to cry as well...'casue that's my Congresswoman!

Dump Bachmann has been very good as well! Great comments around the board! Lots of coverage!

A comment posted on DB

Unfortunately for those of us in the 6th CD, we don't have a representative in Congress. We have a cheerleader who wants to give the team captain a blow job.

Definately go to Dump Bachmann for the latest on this. They have many bloggers covering the Bachmann grope.

The SC Times has a story up with Bachmann explaining what was going on. Epic!

Freshman Rep. Michele Bachmann said she was hoping to boost President Bush’s morale when she kissed him after he delivered his State of the Union address Tuesday evening.

“With the president’s poll numbers, he could use a little encouragement,” the Republican from Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District said Wednesday. “It was absolutely spontaneous.”

Wow, off to bed I go. Wolves just lost...

Rudy Boschwitz called Paul Wellstone "embarassingly liberal". I have labeled Michele Bachmann as "embarassingly conservative". Today, she is just embarassing. Two more years...

Would Patty Wetterling gone this bat shit crazy over say, John Edwards, or Barrack Obama if they are President?

Note that this is the first Bachmann, Bush and fun post!

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