Friday, February 16, 2007

Al Franken at Wonkette

With Congresswoman Bachmann stalking the White House, a possible VP candidate in the state, and now Al Franken running for US Senate, we should expect a lot of attention from Wonkette.

They wrote about Franken yesterday.

The Minnesota Republican Party, desperate to hold on to Norm Coleman’s Senate seat, is banking on one thing: the inability of Minnesotans to understand the concept of “a joke.”

Even Andy at Residual Forces sees the GOP attempt at humor and early attempt at smearing Franken as a bad sign.

I agree.

One of many great comments at Wonkette.

Prominently denouncing Franken for once calling Norm Coleman a Bush Administration "Butt Boy" serves only to link the two terms forever in peoples'

Norm Coleman = Butt Boy.

Minnesota 'Publicans are complete idiots.


There was also a good LTE in the Strib today as well.

Tough and principled

I'd rather have a Senate candidate who can tell a joke than have a president who is a joke. The high-powered attacks on Al Franken reflect the potency of his candidacy.

Franken's effectively combative nature reminds me of Paul Wellstone, who spoke truth to power and guided his life by principles and not PAC contributions. We will judge Franken by what he says and does in the next year, not by the Swift-boating type of attacks launched by Republican operatives whose only goal is destruction.


It's going to be a fun 20 months!

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