Friday, February 16, 2007

Pipeline is approved...

...for now.

SC Times has another story.
The PUC heard public testimony at a hearing Tuesday, then deliberated for several hours Thursday before voting 4-0 in favor of the project and the proposed route, executive secretary Burl Haar said. The commission added several conditions to the permit to address landowners' concerns, he said.

Sure wish the story covered the "several conditions".
Individual landowners also may decide to file lawsuits to try to stop the project, said Bob Schestak, a vocal opponent of the pipeline, which would cross land he owns near Swanville.

Schestak maintains that the PUC's decision in favor of the pipeline expansion was based largely on data supplied by the pipeline company, not on objective market analysis.

"It's a travesty that they could go through this whole thing without looking at that part of it," he said.

The fight is not over...looks like a date with a Minnesota Court of Appeals is coming.

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