Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Black talks about Bachmann

The Big Question at the Startribune is carrying more discussion of the Bachmann / Iran commentary.

The Congresswoman is practicing the "4 D's of Dodgeball" as we speak, as she dodges, ducks, dips and dives from and away her Iran commentary.

Black has attempted numerous times to speak with the Congresswoman.
Unfortunately, Bachmann decided not to talk to me on Thursday or Friday,
nor, so far as I can tell, any other reporter. I asked again Monday, five times.
I held this post back for a day, hoping that instead of discussing her two
previous statements, which pass each other – and the legitimate
questions they raise – like ships in the night, I could instead provide her
opportunity to put the matter to rest. I did not receive even the courtesy
of a reply.

Perhaps she is meeting with her Rovian handlers trying to find a way to spin this thing?

Perhaps she's seeking legal counsel for slipping confidential information out to the public?

Who knows.

200,000 blog hits later, the Strib knew they had a story.
I believe her constituents are still entitled to a straight answer about
that and I repeat here my request for an interview to seek that
clarification. I interviewed her many times during her 2006 campaign
and was always completely straight with her and would be so again.

The SC Times agrees with Black's commentary.
She needs to fully explain either how she knows of a plan to split Iraq in
half, or if she was talking over her head — way over her head — in making that

The Iraq war is too important an issue. Any member of Congress, even a
junior member of the minority party, must be accountable for such claims.

One thing is certain, campaign commercials in the 6th will be interesting, to say the least, next election cycle.

The story will follow Bachmann until she actually addresses the issues behind it. Her statements that her comments were misconstrued are insulting to constituents like myself. I am an educated man and fully understand her comments.

They always say it's not the act that gets the politician in trouble, but the cover-up. Perhaps the Congresswoman hasn't heard that one before.

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