Tuesday, February 27, 2007

SC Times Opinion on Bachmann

The SC Times has an opinion today on Congresswoman Bachmann's Iran comments.

While I agree with the Times assessment, I do chuckle a bit inside knowing that the SC Times had these comments 17 days ago, and now are calling for a clarification. I know the Strib and the progressive blogosphere have forced this hand to be played, but I wonder if the SC Times truly knew what it had and attempted to bury it, or they just simply did not realize what they had.

She needs to fully explain either how she knows of a plan to split Iraq in half, or if she was talking over her head — way over her head — in making that statement.

The Iraq war is too important an issue. Any member of Congress, even a junior member of the minority party, must be accountable for such claims.

Again, its about accountability. When a Congressperson steps up and says something, people listen. These remarks are heard across the world.

I think this shows a complete contrast between Bachmann and other Minnesota members of Congress. While Congressmen Ellison and Walz are holding hearings in their district on predatory lending, the Farm Bill, DM & E fight and other important Minnesota matters, Bachmann is finally opening a Congressional office in the state.

Meanwhile, constituent services suffer.

Despite a term and a half in the Minnesota Senate, Congresswoman is a "not ready for prime time player". Other freshmen legislators, Ellison, Walz and Klobuchar, have hit the ground running.

I hope the 6th CD doesn't wallow in Congresswoman Bachmann's extremist agenda. Perhaps if the Congresswoman focused on the "work of the people" and not the shock jock politics she is accustomed to, we'd see positive results for our district.

That's one helluva an if!

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