Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Coverage of the Walter Reed investigations

From the Strib.
The White House and congressional leaders called Tuesday for swift investigation and repair of the problems plaguing outpatient care at Walter Reed Army Medical
Center, as veterans groups and members of Congress expressed anger over substandard housing and bureaucratic ineptitude.

It's sad that some of our elected leaders could spend the time in the high profile prostetic's wing and not venture around to where other Veterans are staying. They only work about 10 miles from Walter Reed, it's a pretty quick trip really!
workers in protective masks stripped mold from the walls and tore up soiled

And yet, we had hundreds of those that served in Iraq and Afghanistan living here, some with their families?
"In the warrior ethos the last line says you should never leave a fallen
comrade, and from that facility point of view we didn't live up to it ... and it
looks to me we may have not lived up to it from a process side," he said, adding
that conditions at the building are "inexcusable."

Treating our Veterans in a manner such as this is inexcusable. Someone should be relieved for cause for this!

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