Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Katherine Kersten hears from Strib readers

Strib LTE's today. Perhaps instead of regurgitating what other bloggers posted weeks ago and what Marty Seifert said a month ago now, maybe we should come up with an original thought, or expand upon what's out there.

Just a thought...

A small sampling...
It is curious, however, that Kersten and other social conservatives are not shy about proscribing and demonizing personal behavior that offends their tendentious sensibilities.

Kersten led cheers when Michele Bachmann crusaded to enthrone bigotry in the state Constitution with the Defense of Marriage Amendment. As no credible data support her claim that gay marriage will somehow degrade families, how does Kersten square this proposed debarring a "zone of freedom" with her new wish to get the government off our collective back?

They are all for "small government" when it's their version of small government.

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