Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Good ole Strib LTE's today!

The Strib had some great LTE's today.

About the "bad bills" being brought forth by the DFL. I wonder if any of our local papers will opine on this one soon, it's only been a month since Rep Seifert shot that round across the bow...surely someone out here will pick it up.
Kersten doesn't think we need legislation to protect children from their parents, she doesn't read the newspaper. If we need legislation at all, it's to protect those without a voice. Parents are overwhelmingly responsible for the deaths of their own children.

With another parent having left a child to go to a casino, perhaps us liberal democrats are not so crazy after all?

Congresswoman Bachmann made the Strib again!
Pushing a falsehood
Rep. Michele Bachmann said that the 9/11 attacks and the need to prevent future attacks are two of the reasons that we need to continue our policy in Iraq. Is she kidding? Anyone knowledgeable would never have linked the tragic events of 9/11 to the current situation in Iraq. Al-Qaida, which was responsible for the 9/11 attacks, operates out of Pakistan, not Iraq.

Such a tired and overused piece of GOP rhetoric. Iraq/9-11/Al-Qaida...

Congressman Peterson also drew the ire of Strib readers.
I would welcome Peterson's resignation. Better a mature Republican representing the Seventh District than a temper-tantrum-throwing Democrat.

Wow, the letter writer remains clueless as to:

1. How big the 7th Congressional District is. FYI, it has 35 of Minnesota's 87 counties and is one of the largest Congressional Districts in the US.
2. How important Congressman Peterson's work is for farmers and conservation advocates alike.
As Congressman Peterson said, "It could be that I can't event legally fly my own plane even if I don't ask anybody to pay for it, which would be kind of crazy."

Neither of the letter writers live in the 7th CD.
Has Congresswoman Bachmann been anywhere near the rural areas of the 6th CD? No signs out in our rual Wright County outpost. Truthfully, if it makes an elected official more efficient, I am all for it.

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