Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Treatment of our Veterans

"We owe them all we can give them. Not only for when they're in harm's way, but when they come home ..."

President Bush said this at Walter Reed Army Hospital this past winter.

The Washington Post covered stories that contrast the words of Bush. The President's actions during his terms have fallen short of his words as well.

Veterans suffer when the President lacks the will to keep his word to our troops. For crying out loud, he's only the Commander in Chief.

The Strib editorial.
Last week, members of Congress debated a resolution opposing President Bush's Iraq escalation. Everyone bent over backward to declare their support for "the troops" -- especially opponents of the resolution, some of whom suggested only they really, truly have the troops in their hearts.

With the marble and granite palace a mere 10 miles from Walter Reed, I wonder if Congresswoman Bachmann will take the time to go visit the troops she so strongly supports?

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