Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The "Toxic 13"

Christopher Truscott has another great blog up at mnpACT!

Renewable energy sources have a great deal of support in the Minnesota Legislature. In fact, 188 of 201 elected leaders support the initiative for 25% of the state's energy sources coming from renewable energy by 2025.

13 elected leaders do not support this proposal.
In addition to being good for our environment, this legislation also puts Minnesota in a position to lead in the 21st century, while other states struggle for answers to their own energy needs. Whereas smokestacks symbolized progress at the turn of the last century, green industry is the wave of the future and we're now on the cutting edge of a promising new era.

We have all spoken out about the importance of renewable energy sources and our state's vision to become energy independent.

Not surprising though, are the individuals that do not support these initiatives in our local area.

Mark Olson

Tom Emmer

Bruce Anderson

Ron Shimanski

We anxiously await the spin...

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