Sunday, February 11, 2007

Incredibly wrong: Bachmann and the "surge"

Congresswoman Bachmann is expected to vote on a resolution opposing the increase in US Forces in Iraq, debate is expected to occur on the floor of the House this week, with a possible vote the following week.

The SC Times has a story discussing Bachmann and Senator Klobuchar's stances as we move closer to debate and a vote.

Bachmann starts off with an old Congressman Kennedy line,

"wait until she sees the bill's language to decide how she'll vote, but she left
no doubt that she opposes its aims."

Congressman Kennedy used that gem on us a few dozen times, especially around higher education bills. Truth be told, his position was defined well before we even attempted to lobby our elected official.

We all know Bachmann has taken on Congressman Kennedy's role as the Presidential lap dog.

"I support the effort that is going on and I support the funding for it," she said. "I think it's very disingenuous on the part of the Democrats. They are sending a message of low morale to the troops."

Democrats are sending a message of low morale to the troops? Wow.

Multiple deployments since March of 2003, and really well beforehand, combined with equipment issues, rules of engagement micromanagement, increased suicide rates, increased Post Traumatic Stress Disorder rates, and at times, difficult to access benefits, have left our soldiers and Veterans "peachy keen" heh?

It's actually Democrats who have brought forth legislation to stop the madness and are accused of building low morale.

Hmmm, seems typical of the right wing spin machine. Things get a little dicey, start the patriotism and "who supports the troops" spin.

We also all recognize the GOP penchant for ignoring the subject matter experts on Iraq and the "Global War on Terror". Most of the Generals and subordinate commanders have not supported an increase in forces.

Recall that General Shinseki stated on the record that it would take a couple of hundred thousand troops to secure Iraq.

His recommendation was not seriously considered.

Defense Secretary William Gates and General Peter Pace seem to have a different opinion on morale than GOPers like Bachmann.

Pace and Gates said they did not think debate in Congress would hurt the morale
of troops in combat, undercutting an assertion by many congressional Republicans
that members opposing the war were undermining the fighting forces there.


Did I read that right?

Two of the top military leaders in the nation state that discussing Iraq will not hurt the morale of our soldiers?

It's pretty common that the morale of soldiers really is not impacted by debate that goes on here in the United States.

With a little over a year til the next election cycle begins, I continue to hope that Congresswoman Bachmann continues on her path of 100% support of a President the people support at a rate of 30%. As she continues to hurl right wing rhetoric in a feeble attempt to defend her position, we will continue to do our best to expose Bachmann for what she really is.

And at this point, she is incredibly wrong on Iraq and the troop surge.

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