Saturday, February 10, 2007

A member of the Emmer clan rants!

Drew Emmer over at Wright County Republican, which must be an offshoot of the Jason Lewis progrum at KTLK, rants about DFL bills.

There are 37 bills that Emmer critiques in his rant. He calls the rant "Who voted for these idiots?"

What he fails to point out to his readers is the fact that many of these bills are co-sponsored by Republicans as well, but his analysis fails to criticize them.

I guess Mr Emmer, kin of Mr. Individual Rights, thinks people ought to have the right to smoke but not have the right of access to basic and affordable health care. HF 683

He is anti-worker. He does not support a workers right to have a written job description, a description of their salary, and a bathroom break. HF 643

He fails to see the vision of Governor Pawlenty, whereas the Governor wants Chinese and other languages to be taught to our students, a bill put forth requires language immersion in the summer. HF 623

Agricultural fertilizer research and education council and program established. Rep Bud Heidgerken (R) is a sponsor. HF 652

Greenhouse motor vehicle emissions reduction initiative enacted, statewide transportation plan modified to reflect environmental impacts, and money appropriated. Rep Jim Abeler (R) is a co sponsor. HF 639

Upsala regional community center funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated. Rep Bud Heidgerken (R) is a co-sponsor. HF 757

Adult dependents private health care coverage expanded by including those not enrolled as full-time students. Co- sponsored by Rep Jim Abeler (R). HF 475

State Patient Handling Act adopted, programs and committees established, grant funding provided, funds transferred to the assigned risk safety account, and money appropriated. Co-sponsored by Rep Jim Abeler (R). HF 712

Changing the requirements for in state resident tuition. Co-sponsored by Rep's Jim Abeler, Randy Demmer, Ron Erhart, all (R). HF 722

A bill that penalizes businesses that engage in price gouging. HF 740

Minnesota Wireless Telephone Consumer Protection Act adopted. Co sponsored by Rep Abeler (R). HF 635

The National Volleyball Center to be built in Rochester. He ripped Rep Kim Norton for her sponsoring of the bill but fails to criticize Rep Laura Brod, Steve Swiggun (former Speaker of the House), Denny McNamara and Randy Demmer. HF 624 In fact, this bill has more GOP sponsors than DFL.

Medical use of marijuana. Rep Tom Hackbarth is a sponsor as well as former Speaker Steve Swiggum, and Chris DeLaForest, all (R). HF 655 I don't support the bill, but Steve Dille does on the Senate side.

Renewable energy objective and state economic benefit strategy required. Supported by Rep Dennis Ozment. HF 660

Dairy animal revolving loan program established, and money appropriated. Supported by Rep's Heidgerken, Urdahl, Shimanski, and Demmer, all (R). HF 666

No criticism of Demmer, Brod, Swiggum, Urdahl, Shimanski or Abeler though, as they signed onto this legislation?

As session moves on, can we expect an update on more GOPers who sign onto these bills? I'll do my best to expose the GOPers who sponsor bills that some view as "idiotic".

Speaking of which, wanna see how much work Tom Emmer has gotten done in St Paul?

8 Bills, 3 the chief author of and 5 sponsored.

Don't work too hard, that per diem raise was nice though.


drew emmer said...

FYI my comment "who voted for these idiots?" applies equally to democrats and republicans associated with the bills listed.

We should get together for coffee.

Drew Emmer
Wright County Republican

drew emmer said...

If you want to have an honest debate about any of my posts I'm all for it. But if you insist on being intellectually dishonest in your commentary I won't waste your time.

I don't know if you are aware but Tom Emmer is in leadership this go round and therefore has delegated a bunch of his legislative initiatives to other members so he can focus on his new job. You might check his record in 2005 and 2006 if you would like to buy a vowel about his work ethic.

Are you Hal Kimball? If not, who are you? Is there a reason you do not want to associate your name with your commentary?

Kind regards,

Drew Emmer

Blue man said...

Intellectual dishonesty? This from someone who left out the fact that the majority of the legislation cited was also supported by some prominent GOPers?

No discussion of Laura Brod's support or Former Speaker Swiggum? That's intellectual dishonesty.

cigarman said...

Anyone who equates the number of bills sponsored to actual work accomplished is an idiot. Jim Abeler last year was listed on over 400 pieces of legislation. I'd bet a month's salary that he doesn't know the details on most of them.