Saturday, February 24, 2007

More wonkette on Bachmann

Blogging from an outpost in Meeker County the snow is flying, to the tune of about 6 inches by now.

Wonkette loves our Congresswoman!

Our nation’s loopiest congresslady has revealed Top Secret government
intelligence plans to give half of Iraq to Iran. The new half-country will be a
special terrorist safe haven, says Rep. Michele Bachmann, and it’s going to be
called “the Iraq State of Islam, something like that.”

Yet Bachmann coyly refused to identify the “they” who made this clandestine deal, just that “they’ve already decided.”

Bachmann exposed the nation’s greatest secret on a podcast with Minnesota reporter Lawrence Schumacher, which you can download and enjoy — if you like to hear crazy people on your iPod. We’re pretty sure Cheney and Libby will have her suicided; first she sexually assaults the president, and now she’s announcing Washington’s most crucial secret information to journalists?
The comments are of a classic Wonkette nature as well.

Wait, wait, wait: the Bush Whisperer claims that they are "tipping over apple
carts in Iraq".

This has GOT to stop! Paul Bremmer paid a cool $8 billion for those apple carts.


I don't think Monica's bj's of Bill were as intimate and gross as Michelle's pawing and groping of W after the SOTUS last month, but I'm easy to titillate when it's live and on the teevee, primo time.

'Specially when Laura is looking on from the gallery.

What the hell has gone wrong with Minnesota?
When I was growing up in the fifties & sixties, we in the hopelessly corrupt Land of Lincoln, looked northwest to an honest place, filled with intelligent politicians, that cared for their country & only wanted to do it proud.

Since then, the Land of 10,000 Lakes has elected Jesse Ventura, Norm Coleman & this whack job!

Is it the cold, the snow, the old Swedes dieing off, crazy old farts from all over going to Mayo's & then staying & voting or the bovine growth hormones in cows?

Please tell us, we want to help you!
and lastly

xecks, that's all there is up there to GET elected.

They usually find themselves outvoted in statewide elections by the non-looney Minnesotans that populate Minneapolis, Saint Paul, and some regions of the Iron Range.

But accidents do happen. Like Paul Wellstone's death maybe two weeks before what would have been a shoo-in reelection to the Senate. That's how we all wound up with the Senator from Eraserhead, Norm Coleman.

Gophers v. Huskies is on now. Time to focus!

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