Sunday, February 25, 2007

Snowed in at my Meeker County outpost

Well, they got 15 inches about 15 minutes south of here. We look to have about a foot here with more coming soon, according to accu weather radar. Looks like I get to dig out today.

How about them Huskies? A swwep of the Golen Gophers! (Left the d out since the Gophers played no D).

Will they be #1 in nation this week.

North Dakota is coming to town this week, it should be a great series. I think my sister, brother in law, girlfriend and I will be at the National Concrete Center Saturday night for the game.

Anyone watch the Huskies last night? With all the snow flying, that's all we could do out here, besides watching "Man of the Year".

Homers. That's what the Fox Sports people were, complete homers. No credit to a great Husky squad.

I love the Gopher fans who chant "Gopher rejects" when my boys sweep you and win the season series 2-0-2.

"Man of the Year". What a disappointing movie. I thought it would be a lot more funny. Robin Williams had some great one liners, but I guess I expected more.

Have fun digin out and drive safe!

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