Saturday, March 03, 2007

Bachmann LTE in the SC Times

The SC Times has a LTE calling out the Congresswoman for a vote against a bill that would support small businesses impacted by the minimum wage increase.

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann during her campaign stated that if elected,
she would strive to cut taxes for small businesses, middle-class taxpayers, and
do what she could to help our veterans.

When presented with HR 976, a bipartisan bill sponsored by Ways and
Means Committee Chairman Charles Rangel, D-New York, and ranking member Jim
McCrery, R-Louisiana, she voted against it. This bill gives tax relief for small
businesses in an offset to the minimum-wage increase and expands the Work
Opportunity Tax Credit to disabled veterans.

HR 976 is a win-win for veterans and small businesses as it not only
expands the credit to disabled veterans but increases the available credit for
wages paid to disabled veterans. Why did Bachmann vote against this bill? This was a bipartisan bill that John Kline and Jim Ramstad voted in favor of and the Chamber of Commerce supported.

Her constituents deserve to know why she is not supporting tax cuts for
small businesses and helping our veterans find employment.

By the way, this bill passed 360-45.

By Cathy Harrison, Circle Pines

Wow, Kline supported it? Wow.

We know by now that Congresswoman Bachmann does not support the interests of CD 6. I would like the Congresswoman to tell us who she supports though. Unfortunately, I would expect her explanation to be even more distorted than her Iran quote press release.

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