Saturday, March 03, 2007

A Bachmann opponent?

It appears as though one person has announced that they will seek the DFL endorsement against Congresswoman Bachmann.

Bob Hill was the lawyer for a local FBI whistleblower.

"Unfortunately, the rules of the game these days require you to get out
early and raise the money," Hill said during a trip to Washington, where he met
with staffers of Minnesota congressional Democrats and officials at the
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. "If you don't get out early, you
won't be considered viable."

So, who else is out there?

I think the odds on favorite as of now is Senator Tarryl Clark, followed closely by Ellwyn Tinklenberg.

Patty Wetterling is done.

Any outsiders? Perhaps Larry Hosch?

Regardless, it is not too early to work on Bachmann's Congressional successor. Even with her faulty voting record and numerous insane statements, incumbents are tough to beat. Combined with the 08 Republican National Convention here, a Presidential Election, and a US Senate Seat, the conservative base will be out in high numbers.

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