Monday, March 26, 2007

Bachmann no friend to Special Education: SC Times LTE

Long before the Strib highlighted the Special Education woes of Minnesota, we have heard case after case out here in Greater Minnesota schools. The Dassel Cokato School District operates about a million dollars in the red because of a lack of Special Education funding.

Congresswoman Bachmann likes to portray herself as the supporter of Special Education.

This SC Times LTE points out that Bachmann is a staunch supporter of completely eliminating special education programs.

Actually, to be more factual, Bachmann has been a strong supporter of fully eliminating the Federal Department of Education.

Of course through her support of a Tax Payers Bill of Rights, all these areas would be destroyed by TABOR anyway.

Perhaps Frederickson and the rest of Team Bachmann are getting the attention they desperately sought...

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Bil said...

I don't know why Special Ed would be any different? Is that in the bible?
Michele Bachmann has given up even the pretense of serving her constitutents for Lent.

NICE Michele Bachmann LTE's Only. Follow the format plus mention baby Jesus or the Easter Rabbit and you might get a special invite to actually meet Michele Bachmann in special backroom meeting at her next open house, if ever. Amen?