Monday, March 26, 2007

Fred Thompson?

As Andy from Residual Forces and Drew over at Wright County Republican drool over the possible Presidency of Fred Thompson (Drew points out that Thompson won the Wright County GOP straw poll), Wonkette points out Republicans who use the "Hollywood values" mantra.

Months ago, on the Ed Schultz show, Senator Tom Harkin was on, talking about the run up to the 92 elections. He spoke of how a certain candidate was polling at less than 2% about a year out from the election. This guy beat out every prominent Democrat to win the nomination.

Bill Clinton.

I think that case applies today.

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Rudy Guliani, and Mitt Romney are all on top of most polls, 18 months out.

While I poke fun at the Fred Thompson situation, he appears to be someone who can mobilize the base and could give everyone in this field a run for their money!

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DAV said...

Already conservatives are hopping around for a Hunter-Thompson ticket. Oddly so are the stoners...