Saturday, March 10, 2007

Bachmann vote draws the ire of union leaders

A letter to the editor (scroll down) in the Herald Journal takes Congresswoman Bachmann to task for not understanding the issues behind the important union legislation she opposed.

This pro-worker legislation will increase the penalties for employers who violate the law when workers want to form unions, establish binding arbitration for first contracts when the parties can’t agree, and allow workers to choose the majority sign up process over a secret ballot campaign.

The legislation provides union workers with the right to choose the best option for themselves while offering protection as well. What's so bad about that?

The LTE writers also provide some interesting facts to back up their argument.

92 percent of employers force employees to attend mandatory anti-union meetings in the period prior to the election. She would learn that, at these meetings, workers are threatened with termination, plant closings, loss of benefits, and any other number of retaliatory practices for voting in favor of a union.

25 percent of employers illegally fire at least one worker for union activity during the secret ballot election process.

Once again, our Congresswoman is simply out of touch with the issues of rank and file Minnesotan's. Perhaps if she spent more time talking to regular Minnesotan's and not stop through rural Minnesota for the obligatory photo op, which will be on her 08 lit piece, we'd see some real representation out here.

Wishful thinking...I know!

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