Friday, March 09, 2007

The DFL race in CD 6

So, who will unseat Congresswoman Bachmann in November, 2008.

It will be a very daunting task. While I do not agree with the Congresswoman on virtually every policy stance she has, I will say Bachmann will be very tough to beat.

Money couldn't do it this past year. Patty Wetterling out raised Bachmann and still was beaten, rather soundly at that.

Here's to hoping that we don't run the conventional campaign out here in rural Central Minnesota. We have seen it the past several years in Congressional campaigns and it won't work in 2008. Regardless of who the candidate is.

Who will that candidate be? So far, we think we have two candidates.

Elwyn Tinklenberg? H/T Dump Bachmann

Bob Hill?

No word from Tarryl Clark yet, although I think it's inevitable that she will throw her hat into the ring.

Kathy Saltzman? Residual Forces Andy Apolinski posted a rumor on his site about Kathy being active in Wright County and in the Western portion of the 6th.
Reached by phone Monday, the freshman state senator laughed at the idea."About the only time I leave Washington County is to go to the Capitol," she said.

"I did go to St. Cloud in December to speak to the St. Cloud school board as part of my former job (as an educational lobbyist), but that was the only trip outside of the metro area that I am aware of that I have taken in that direction."

Nice try Andy.

The short list of candidates is promising, but it will take a lot more than money to beat Congresswoman Bachmann in 2008.


lloydletta said...

You've got that right... Wetterling had twice the money, but Bachmann still won (though I think Bachmann had more independent expenditures and direct mail).

kill hackers said...

That's because Wetterling sucks/sucked. Bachmann needs to move more in Ron Paul's direction and she will be even better. Now, she's sort of a neo-con apologist.