Thursday, March 29, 2007

General McCaffrey talks about Iraq, military readiness

While McCaffrey is a staunch supporter of this war, he sheds light on the readiness issues that will hinder our military for years after this war. With more than a half trillion dollars spent on this war, the taxpayers will be fleeced even deeper once we work to refit and repair our equipment.
“Stateside U.S. Army and Marine Corps readiness ratings are starting to unravel,” he writes. “Ground combat equipment is shot in both the active and reserve components. Army active and reserve component recruiting has now encountered serious quality and number problems .... Our promotion rates for officers and NCOs have skyrocketed to replace departing leaders. There is no longer a national or a theater U.S. Army strategic reserve.”

Noting that the Army “will be forced to call up as many as nine National Guard combat brigades for an involuntary second combat tour this coming year,” he adds that [m]any believe that this second round of involuntary call-ups will topple the weakened National Guard structure – which is so central to U.S. domestic security.”

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