Saturday, March 31, 2007

Jesus Camp

I just saw this movie this morning.

Wow, a disturbingly powerful movie about how the religious right is targeting our children.

This is definately the kool aid that the Bachmann wannabes are drinking.

The Ted Haggard appearance and discussion was fitting. He was outspoken in the movie about GLBT issues, obviously before he was discovered having a same sex relationship and an addiciton to Meth.

While their Pastor Becky Fischer states that her teachings are apolitical, her claims are easily dismissed when she brings out a life sized cut out of President Bush.

The looks on these kids faces was haunting. It's a must see, that's for sure!

The movie adds some text to explain where the footage is being taken and to provide additional info on an area.

One line that caught my interest was that Ted Haggard has a one hour phone conference with President Bush every Monday.

Not that I care what the President does with his time, but after hearing the White House comments yesterday on the timing of Bush's visit to Walter Reed, I do have to quesiton the President's sincerity on this issue.

"Walter Reed is not a photo-op," Muller said. "Walter Reed is still broken. The DOD health care system is still broken. ... Our troops need their commander in chief to start working harder for them."

White House spokeswoman Dana Perino called it "an unfortunate characterization" to say Bush was using Walter Reed as merely a picture-taking opportunity. She said it took some time to clear enough room on the president's schedule to spend an afternoon with patients and staff at Walter Reed.

He has time for his weekly religious right meetings but, as the Commander in Chief, has to wait weeks on end to meet with the brave men and women he put in harms way.

Ah, real family values.

I suggest renting this movie, it is a powerful movie and shows the true nature of the religious right and their indoctrination of our nations youth.

A must see!

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Ron West said...

There's also a part of Borat in Church where some sone state supreme court justics is carrying on about how the US is a CHRISTIAN nation. Both hilarious and scary at once.